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Rubbergard Roof

Rubbergard Roof

Rubbergard roofs are a new type of roof that are now becoming popular. They offer insulation and protection from natural disasters. Becoming more popular than ever before, so more and more homeowners have been opting for them in the past few years because of their many benefits. One thing that makes them a good investment is the affordability.

One of the main features of these roofs is that they are meant to resist most natural disasters such as hail, wind and snow. These benefits make Rubbergard roofs an attractive option for homeowners who want to invest in something that will keep their home safe while retaining its value. The installation is important as it can provide your property with protection against natural calamities, while maintaining its value over time

Eco-Friendly Roof Installation

Rubbergard is an eco-friendly, green roofing system that has been on the market for over 15 years. It is a popular choice of recycled rubber and plastic materials. Rubbergard is environmentally-friendly as it allows users to get rid of toxic chemicals and resources in the manufacturing process.

Rubbergard’s design is compatible with photovoltaic systems, which are a popular choice for energy-saving strategies in buildings. Photovoltaics offer building owners significant savings by reducing electrical use, lowering cooling costs, improving building performance and increasing access to renewable energy sources like solar or wind power

Certified Roofers

With our experienced and certified staff, we have the expertise you need to cover your home in style. We take pride in our meticulous process , from the initial inspection of your home, to the expert analysis of how your roof should be installed and completed.

Mendoza’s Roofing offers seamless project management throughout the entire process to ensure your peace-of-mind. From start to finish, our team handles all aspects of your roofing project, from design to installation.


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